Zeron Corp offers cost effective and time saving Engineering and DER Services. Zeron's President and CEO Daniel Getz, has over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace industry. He works personally with each client to offer solutions to your engineering and certification requirements, from conceptual design to FAA Certification.
Engineering Service
FAA-DER Services
Types of FAA-DER's
Link to FAA DER's page
• Product Development

• Process Review

• Project Documentation and Drawings

• On-Site liaison and Technical Support
• 8110-3 Approvals for 337 Field Repairs and Aterations

• 8110-3 Approvals for FAA project Data

• FAA Review and Project Consultation

• Support aircraft and part inspections

• Qualification Test Witnessing
• Powerplant systems and installation DER

• Electrical Systems and Equipment DER

• Structural DER

• Mechanical Systems and Equipment DER

• Flight Test DER

• Pilot DER
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